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Maine Island Trail Ale to Debut at Portland GreenDrinks!

MITAle with GuidebookAs part of our year-long celebration of MITA's 25th anniversary, we are proud to announce the imminent release of the Maine Island Trail Ale -- a limited edition craft beer produced by Rising Tide Brewing in partnership with MITA.
Rising Tide is a small, Portland-based company with a mission to make quality beer from sustainable, locally sourced ingredients. They are also avid boaters who are eager to support island stewardship.  Now these passions have come together in the form of a crisp, hoppy ale that pairs perfectly with summer in Maine. Through an exclusive licensing arrangement, MITA will earn a royalty on all purchases of Maine Island Trail Ale. So you can enjoy this beer secure in the knowledge that you are contributing to the care of the islands.
The official coming-out party for the Maine Island Trail Ale will be at Portland GreenDrinks on May 14th (see event details below). GreenDrinks is a unique monthly gathering that mixes good times and good causes, and this month's event will feature MITA as the non-profit beneficiary. There will be lots of opportunities to connect with other environmentally minded folks, including a MITA skiff photo booth and a game of Casco Bay Island Twister! Plus, it's your first chance to get a sip of the summer's tastiest suds while also supporting MITA. This is a guaranteed blast of an event, and we hope you'll join us there and encourage your friends and family to attend as well!

When: Tuesday, May 14th | 5:30-8pm

Where: Portland Yacht Services | 58 Fore Street, Portland

Admission: $5 with your own cup | $10 for a corn cup | $12 with a MITA/Rising Tide pint glass (as featured in the photo)